Interview Archives
Michael Daly, Esq.
Brunswick, Maine
Retirement and Retrospection
March/April 2001
Joel Wuesthoff, Esq.
Portland, Maine
Navigating the Rapids of E-Technology
May 2001
Susan Livingston, Esq.
Portland, Maine
Kids First: Focusing on Children of Divorce
June 2001
July 2001
Margaret T. Johnson, Esq.
Presque Isle, Maine
Maine Women Attorneys: A Millennial Jubilee
August 2001
David A. Taylor, Esq.
Jefferson City, Missouri
The Preservation and Protection of
Our Environment
September  2001
Walter Gordon "Gordy" Edgar, Esq.
Douglas County, Washington
A Matter of Opinion: Raising Civic Awareness
October  2001
Bill van Zyverden, Esq.
MIddlebury, Vermont
International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers:
Resolving Conflict Through Healing
November/December 2001
Robert E. Hirshon, Esq.
Washington, D.C. and Chicago, Illinois
The American Bar Association President
Addresses Terrorism
2001 Interviews                     
2002 Interviews                     
January 2002
Naira "Nonny" Soifer, Esq.
Bath, Maine
CASA: A Voice for Children in Court
The Honorable Margaret Mullen
Waukegan, Illinois
The Mary Pat Maddex Place:
Reunifying Families
February 2002
Samantha Power, Esq.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Genocide: A Problem From Hell
March 2002
Kevin C. Smith, Esq.
Denver, Colorado
Doors Close and Then Another Door Opens
April 2002
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Interview Archives
Knowledge Archives
May/June 2002
Alison A. Beyea, Esq.
Portland, Maine
A Voice for Low-Income Children
Research on Guardian ad litems in Family Law
Maine Women Attorneys: A Photo History
Added Feature
Paul H. Mills, Esq.
Farmington, Maine
Historical Research and Early Maine
Women Attorneys: Part Two
July/August 2002
Added Feature
Maine Women Attorneys: A Photo History
Hon. Vincent McKusick
Portland, Maine
Chief Justice of Maine's Supreme
Judicial Court, 1977-1992: Part One
September 2002
October 2002
Hon. Vincent McKusick
Portland, Maine
Chief Justice of Maine's Supreme
Judicial Court, 1977-1992: Part Two
Richard Dieter, Esq.
Washington, D.C.
The Death Penalty Information Center:
Examining the Death Penalty
November/December 2002
2003 Interviews                     
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To 2001 Interviews
January/February 2003
Karl H. Timmerman, Esq.
Grandview and Holden, Missouri.
Ramblings From a Missouri Country Lawyer
March/April 2003
Caroline Gardiner, Esq.
Portland, Maine.
A Sense of Mastery
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About This Site
May/June 2003
Ned Chester, Esq
Portland, Maine.
Brain Research and Juvenile Law
July/August 2003
Fred Gray, Esq
Tuskegee, Alabama
A Vow to Destroy Everything Segregated
Tonya Gonnella Frichner, Esq.
New York, New York
Founder of the American Indian Law Alliance
and Human Rights Activist
September/October 2003
November/December 2003
Robert Edmond Mittel, Esq..
Portland, Maine
Copyright Law: Protecting the Form in Which Ideas Are Expressed
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2004 Interviews                     
January/February 2004
Paul A. Lombardo, Ph.D., J.D..
Charlottesville, Virginia.
Eugenics: It’s History and Ethical Challenges
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March/April 2004
Charles Wittmack
Iowa City, Iowa
From a Love of the Mountains to a  Love of the Law
May/June 2004
Peter Shelley, Esq.
Rockland, Maine
The Conservation Law Foundation: Tackling Environmental Issues in New England
Kevin T. Cole, Esq.
Portland, Maine
Deployment in Iraq, the Cradle of Mankind
July/August 2004
Agent Coleen Rowley, FBI
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
FBI Whistleblower on  9-11 and Terrorism:  Speaking Truth to Power
September/October 2004
November/December 2004
Mary Bonauto, Esq.
Boston, Massachusetts
The Quest For Gay Equality
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2005 Interviews                     
January/February 2005
David W. Kee, Esq.
Portland, Maine
The Maine Assistance Program for Lawyers and Judges: Helping Those with Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues
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Professor Howard I. Rosenberg with Professor Margaret Walker
Denver, Colorado
The University of Denver Student Law Office: One Hundred Years of Real World Experience
March/April 2005
May/June 2005
Kenneth Feinberg, Esq.
Washington, DC
Special Master of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
July/August 2005
Madeline H. deLone, Esq.
New York, NY
Executive Director of the Innocence Project
September/October 2005
Hon. Caroline Duby Glassman
Portland, Maine
The First Woman on Maine's Supreme Judicial Court:
A Tireless Advocate for the Rule of Law
November/December 2005
Ralph I. Lancaster, Jr  Esq.
Portland, Maine
U.S. Counsel, Independent Counsel, Special Master, and Trial Lawyer
2006 Interviews                     
January/February 2006
David J. Strachman,  Esq.
Providence, Rhode Island
Suing Terrorism in the US Courts
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March/April 2006
Donald Goodrich,  Esq.
North Adams, Massachusetts
Families of September 11: Raising Awareness About the Effects of Terrorism
May/June 2006
Phil Worden, Esq.
Portland, Maine
In Defense of Protest